Maegan Storm Lillis

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Launched in 2015, KARTMA Street Cafe was a social enterprise of Downtown Streets Team that employed program graduates (adults transitioning out of homelessness) at a living wage in barista jobs at three mobile sites: San Jose, Sunnyvale, and San Francisco, CA. The enterprise faced significant financial, operational, and social impact challenges.

to games!

In partnership with the City of San Francisco's Civic Center Initiative, KARTMA’s tuk tuk re-lauched in 2018 as a mobile games station staffed by Team Members transitioning out of homelessness in a way that inclusively activates public space around City Hall.

— end game

pivoted from selling espresso products in 3 sidewalk locations to 1 non-commercial work-experience offering

— role

Full-time staff

Director of Strategic Initiatives

— timeline

Nov 2016 – May 2018

Design question

“What business model will better achieve the core purpose of this work-integration initiative:

to change stereotypes about adults experiencing homelessness while providing dignified work ?”

  • - Customer journey mapping
  • - Social business model canvas
  • - Pro bono engagements with: design firm on branding, law firm on trademarking, venture philanthropy group on pivoting
  • - HR, operations and expansion
  • - Blended capital structure
  • - Experience prototype

(L) photo credit – DST | (R) photo credit – Civic Center Initiative

all other images the author’s own